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Data gathering methodology for the success of your dissertation writing

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February 21, 2017

How to Write a Dissertation: Methodology

The success and failure of your dissertation depends on the method of gathering the data and its application. The method you use to gather your data will determine the amount and the worth of the data you gathered. As you go on with your dissertation writing you will come to know if the data you gathered is of any use to you or not. Depending on the data you have amassed you will be writing your dissertation and by the time you give your conclusion in your paper, the effectiveness of the data will have been assessed by you, the committee and the readers as well.

When choosing a technique for your methodology, remember the task you need to carry out. See that the technique is suitable for your task and also do not forget the time you need and the type of information you are dealing with. All these are very essential for your dissertation.

You cannot select the method without knowing if or not the resources for those methods are available, accessible and most importantly affordable for you. Your resources may be influenced by the amount of time you have, the money you can afford and the availability of the devices and equipments, your topic and context and not to forget your expertise in handling all these.

Sometimes time and money may limit your resources and you will have to choose from those that are available for you. Hence you must be wise while choosing your resource and come out with the one that will prove to be effective as well as informative for you.
There may be times when you will have to obtain the results from an experiment that has already been done instead of conducting your own new experiments.

While some methods give you different results others may not yield any results at all. It all depends on how you interpret your data. This is where the real test lies for all students; it will reflect the expertise of the student, which indeed, is the objective of dissertation methodology.

Identify and restrain yourself from any individual biases. The numeric details are very important. Any quantitative methods that yield numeric information have to be clearly analyzed and interpreted through statistics. Even though quantitative methods do not reveal much detail as compared to qualitative, they do determine your dissertation methodology.

Each measurement during the data gathering is related either to the subjectivity or the objectivity of the data. While the subjective methods are related to the qualitative methods the objective methods are related to the quantitative methods. The information you get from it may vary from high to low; this is why you need to be involved in it so that you can have a good understanding for yourself.

Data gathering process is not an easy task, but you are free to use any assistance if you need. It is important to gather and apply your data correctly. Your dissertation is good if your data gathering and analysis has been good.