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We are well aware of what is needed to be a good student. We know that many students will spend many sleepless nights struggling over the various academic papers. This is why we are here: to help you to enjoy your time as a student.

Once you have applied for help, you will have more free time to do other things that you want or need to do. By ordering custom written papers you no longer have to worry about the time pressures of finishing your paper, figuring out how to balance the paper with other tasks, or having a mental breakdown because you have too much on your plate.

To understand our process of creating custom written papers, here is a look at what your order will go through:

  1. You place an order

    This will require you to fill out an order form will all the necessary details. If you have files that you want your writer to use, then you will need to upload those as well. You will also need to pick a deadline. It is also helpful to upload previously written papers for your writer so that he or she can more accurately mimic your writing style. While they will not include the mistakes you might make, they will try to follow your tone of writing.

  2. You receive a personal account

    This will be assigned to you once you have completed and order form. The personal account allows you to upload and download information, as well as check the status of your order. It will also cause you to be eligible for a discount should you decide to order additional custom written papers from us.

  3. Order status changes

    You will be able to monitor the status of your custom written papers from your account. Once you have paid for your order it will be marked as such. Then, once a writer has been assigned, you will see the status changed to “in progress.” At this point you will also be able to contact your writer with additional requests or concerns. Once the writer has finished the custom written papers the status will say “completed,” signaling that you are able to download the finished work.

  4. Writing on your paper begins

    Once everything is set up and a writer is assigned, writing will begin on your custom written paper. You can monitor the process by logging in to your account. You are also able to send a message to your writer from your account. Your writer will answer you promptly. You should also check for messages from your writer that require an answer. Remember this system is set up so that the two of you can communicate back and forth. So whether your instructor has changed the requirements or you need a revision, this is the best way to contact your writer. You are also welcome to contact us through chat, email, fax and phone at any time of day and we will work on your request.

  5. Your paper is finished

    On the day of your set deadline you will see that the status of your order will change to “completed”. At this time you can now download your custom written papers from your account and print them. You will also be able to download your free plagiarism report that verifies the authenticity of your custom written papers.