General Format for your PhD Thesis

·         Middle text: this is your space and you can write your thoughts on the topic, along with the materials you planned for your methodology and also a chapter on the same, the theoretical basis of your methods and the results you have attained. Plus a discussion on all these. Graphs, maps, pictures and diagrams, analysis, statistics, data and figures etc must be included here.

·         Conclusion: based on your findings after your thorough study, here you will give your conclusion with respect to the future prospects and contributions to the knowledge of the present and future aspirants and the readers as whole.

·         References and appendices: A list of the materials used for references and supplementation.


If you want to write a good thesis paper so that it is well read and appreciated then you must make it interesting, clear and concise. Don’t forget to edit and proof read your content. Ask for help and guidance. A well written thesis is the one with a clear, concise, correct and a beautiful content.

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