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Apps for Learning Languages

Apps for Learning Languages

learning apps

How To Learn Any Language

Applications are widely used nowadays, helping people in virtually every sphere of life. Therefore, it is not a surprise that when asking a question, "How to learn any language?" the answer might be, "Why not doing it with an app?"

Below, you can find five tips on learning a language with the apps based on teachers’ and learners’ experience

1. Be aware of the fact that apps for learning languages might not be an exclusive solution to the problem of language learning. The applications are widely recommended by educators, but they are also a product, which needs to be sold. Any new language, learning of which you consider, is the door to the whole world of new culture and a new worldview. The information about it can be taken from numerous sources ranging from mass media to real life communication. Thus, learning a new language, you should use as many possibilities as possible, not limiting yourself to using a single app.

2. It is important to outline the final goal of learning, is it fluency you aim at or you do it as an exercise for brain? You should choose an app based on the answer. Highly efficient applications can adjust themselves to your learning style. Such apps help to build a habit. Learning a language must really become a habit, which you pursue every day in regular hours.

3. Do not confuse a tool with a purpose. An app is just a tool for achieving your goal, which encourages you to learn based on the principles of a game. Apps for learning languages have been developed with game design elements to make them a kind of addictive. Sneaky as it may sound, it is justifiable as its purpose is to keep you engaged in learning. But remember that your goal is not to complete all game levels, but chat with native speakers on various topics. This must be your goal and motivation. 

4. Do not leave an app without your feedback. It is exceptionally important for application developers to get the response from learners, as it enables them to make improvements to their product and to make it more efficient. So, if you find something, which you think might work better, do not hesitate to share your suggestions and remarks with app developers via e-mail. All the feedback will surely be taken into consideration and used to upgrade the app.

5. Learn a language with a study partner. It is not about sharing your successes and failures on social networking sites. It is about finding a real person who will accompany you in learning a language. Do not limit yourself to self-study. Join some language club or class to make the learning process more interactive. Read books written in the language, which you are learning. Do all these things in supplement to your phone application.

6. Use memory train apps, to remember all the foreign words better and faster. It is the best iPhone and iPad apps to train your brain and to help the students in the learning process. Try it for free on Appstore and Google Play.

All in all, learning a language implies a reasonable combination of apps, classes, real life communication and reading books.

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