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All About Literature Review

how to write literature review

March 1, 2017

What is a “literature review” in research methodology?

Writing the literature review already has a lot of misconceptions. Additionally, understanding the truest sense of the term “literature review” has misconceptions.

The review of literature, be it in a research paper, dissertation, or merely a research proposal, takes on a significant contribution to the paper. It is in this section that the researcher can prove his claims regarding a certain subject. Here, he can include different articles that support the claim that he already establish in the thesis statement.

However, there are some students that have a poor grasp on the scope of a literature review. Literature review is not only limited to literary works. It is not always poems, epics, or novels that are referred to as literature. Except if one is dealing with Shakespeare works, then it will only be limited to Shakespearean novels and other works. However, if the topic will deal about panic attacks, it will be unlikely to look for resources from the works of Shakespeare or Euripides. In other words, the term literature refers to any sources that will help the study become more effective and clear.

Moreover, the literature review can seek for any kind of sources as long as it is related to the subject at hand. Aside from the typical sources, one can also look up at some newspaper articles or manuscripts to support the claim of the study. It is also another misconception that the review section is written with the opinion of the researcher. The literature review portion should not include any opinion of the researcher. Unlike the typical concept of a “review”, the student does not just gather information from different sources and express personal opinions or ideas. In fact, the researcher should compile these ideas and write it in a way that it will support the thesis statement of the research without altering any ideas from the different sources. Opinions have no room in this section and should be saved in the conclusion section of the research.

Also, it is necessary for every student writing a literature review that there are some rules to be followed. First, the sources to be used in literature review should be published articles. There is no use in citing unpublished articles. After all, it will also be difficult to cite the source in the bibliography section if it is still unpublished. Second, only those relevant to the topic should be included. The researcher should be able to identify the thin line that differentiates the chosen topic from the rest of the topics in the same field. In doing this, there will be no confusions while writing the review section. Moreover, the readers will surely understand the scope of the study. Lastly, it is also possible that this section will discuss synopsis or summary of a related study.

These are just some of the important ideas that one should remember in writing the literature review section. The student should keep in mind that it is important that the researcher should write this section effectively to be able to come up with an effective research paper or dissertation.