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A Good PhD thesis example to guide you

writing tips

January 8, 2017

How to write a good thesis?

Your PhD thesis is the highest level of your career and reflects your deep knowledge and understanding of the subject. It is actually a doctoral level assignment but, since you are at the zenith of your career, your thesis must maintain your standard while reflecting your understanding of the subject matter that you choose for your dissertation. This high level assignment will manifest what you have learned from the day you first joined your school to your PhD level.

You must be worried that you won’t be able to write your thesis, because you aren’t an expert. Let me tell you that you are mistaken. Once you have made your mind you are ready to begin; now you need to maintain the quality and that’s all. Take a few good PhD thesis examples for help.

A good example of PhD dissertation will be like a map and will guide you so that you do not go the wrong way. When you choose an example observe the structure of the dissertation. Begin from the copyright page then go the introduction, see the literature review, the methodology and then the conclusion. Do not forget to note the references and the appendices in the last pages too.

Note the page formatting, check out for the header and footer, the page number and margins, font size and style, font heading and subheading, look if anything is given in bold or italicized or underlined, bullets or numbered. In other words, you will have to check every thing on the paper.

Follow the instructions clearly to meet every requirement set by your institution.

Now, read the content, if necessary read again AND again until you clearly get the idea on the standard of the language used. You will have to carefully follow each and every sentence to see how the content is conveyed either in a long sentence or in short one. Check the grammar, the use of words, phrases and idioms, punctuation marks and the correct spelling. See how the text is written in a precise manner with good paragraphs and quotations, subtitles and correct content.

As far as your subject matter is concerned, you are expected to write it in a high-standard language. Here you will need a good knowledge of writing skills and flaunt a language that will suit the taste of the review committee. Your mastery over the subject will do you no good until and unless you are able to convey the same through your content in a language that is good and up to the standard. A good, powerful, effective and correct sentence is all that you need to make your mark.

Finally, do not forget that the example was also written after a lot of preparation. So when you sit to write yours do revise it again and again to see if there are any mistakes. If you think that your content is not up to the standard, try rewriting the sentences to make it more clear and effective. Do not forget to edit and proofread your content, repeat it as many time as required. It would be good if you ask someone else to do it for you, there are chances that you might just miss out few errors.