Terms & Conditions


Submitting a Refund Application

  1. Every customer who uses our writing company is entitled to request a refund for up to two weeks (14 days) after a deadline runs out. There are no time constraints in place for applications that relate to plagiarism. However, you should provide a trustworthy plagiarism report to show our writer is responsible.    

Note: is considered a trustworthy plagiarism checking service as are its partner sites – iThenticate and WriteCheck for example. By contrast, detection systems such as and others that highlight non-genuine text extracts as plagiarism cannot be accepted as reliable. Similarly, hand-made files notes are not considered proper evidence of plagiarism.        

  1. Customers with continuation orders should know we cannot be held liable for any plagiarism found on their side. It is only those parts of a text created by our writers that are checked for originality.
  2. If you do not find our work entirely satisfactory, our Refunds Department will undertake a full investigation and issue a report. Where concerns are genuine, you will be offered a partial or full refund. Responses take three to four days.  


  1. Revisions are offered for up to 48 hours after deadline expiration at no additional cost. After this time, a new compensatory order may be required. We cannot offer refunds later where a writer from our team agrees to complete revisions for free.   
  2. Where a paper is longer, e.g., twenty pages and over, free revisions are offered for 30 days after deadline expiration.
  3. If you change your original instructions, we cannot accommodate free revisions. Additionally, if crucial materials are not provided until work has begun or is completed, a new order may be required to compensate the writer.   
  4. If you need a revision, a newly-established deadline will need to be agreed when you send your instructions. Where revisions are complicated or if it is not easy to reassign an order, modifications may take up to 1 day to complete. Be assured, however, that we make every possible effort to complete all revision work on time.  
  5. Make sure you monitor your profile page and email in case our writing or administrative staff is trying to correspond with you. At times, you may overlook essential materials and forget to include them with your initial order. However, it is your responsibility to let us have all required materials at the time or order placement or afterwards if requested.
  6. If you order a paper from our service for the first time you can choose an “Extended Review” option to have an additional insurance and absolutely no worries about your order. You will now have 14 days of free review time. This option costs 30% of your order price. If you don’t use the possibility of a free review at all, this fee will not be reimbursed. Original order instructions cannot be altered in any way.

A Full Refund

  1. Full refunds may be offered if we over-charge you or if you erroneously place the same order twice. Duplicate orders can be cancelled by contacting our customer support representatives.
  2. A full refund will be offered if a suitable writer cannot be found for your order. 
  3. Upon receipt of a full refund, any materials or content already provided should no longer be used. %u200B

A Partial Refund

  1. A part refund (based on the actual number of words required) may be granted if you inadvertently select the wrong number of pages when ordering.
  2. A reduced refund amount may be offered if you inadvertently select the wrong education or writing level when ordering.
  3. A partial refund may be offered if the information in your order is in some way contradictory.
  4. Order cancellation when a member of our writing team is assigned:

Refund percentage

Passed deadline (approximately)


10-15% of the deadline


20-25% of the deadline


30-35% of the deadline


40-45% of the deadline





Important Note: We are not able to cancel orders where the deadline still has 30% to run, a writer is allocated or the order is ready and uploaded for the customer.

Late Verification

  1. It is commonplace for our finance team to ask customers to verify their orders. This is our way of countering online fraud. Your deadline will not start until the relevant proof is forthcoming. Where someone is late providing verification they can ask to have their deadline extended or they can place another order to compensate a writer for assisting with a “hot” order.    

Word Count Issues

  1. The length of an assignment is estimated by word count and on the premise that there are 300 words to each order page. Technical papers are an exception because of their high numerical content. Consequently, cost is determined by level of difficulty.  
  2. Presentational materials and speaker notes. We can provide in the region of 100 to 150 words of speaker notes per slide for .ppt presentations if required.  
  3. We estimate the cost of online tests on the basis of 5 test questions per page and according to the total number of questions (multiple-choice type questions included). Therefore, a 15-question test will require a 3-page order.    


  1. If you need to take early delivery of your order, we will require appropriate compensation. Our agents will re-calculate the cost and ask for a new order to reward the assigned writer. We cannot offer refunds later where a writer from our team agrees to complete and deliver an assignment early.
  2. If your assigned writer is late delivering your order without agreeing a longer deadline with you, some of the order price (at least) will be refunded. 

Order Type

  1. When placing an order, we encourage customers to indicate the correct paper type, e.g., “Movie Review.” We cannot issue refunds for orders that are not paid for.
  2. The “rewriting” service we offer refers to paraphrasing or rewording of a text the customer provides. If you require more research, a change of sources, new parts added (i.e. any features that are equal to fresh writing), we may ask for a new order to compensate our writer. 
  3. We suggest you continually check your email and/or personal account for possible correspondence from our writers and/or support staff. Fast response is always appreciated, particularly if your approval or input is required, e.g., on topic choice, etc.